Tech & service, refrigeration systems, discount, motorway service area, click & collect

There's more to it than design. This is what today's areas dedicated to refrigeration systems, service, energy management and discount remind us of.

The Arneg Group is well aware that technology is key to all today's environments, starting from retail. 

Refrigeration units that run on propane or CO2 , natural gases that respect the environment, are just some of the innovations you can see on our stand. Professionals from the Arneg Group will accompany you to explain what we have achieved through continuous research and development aimed at protecting health and nature and reducing consumption too.

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Health, ecology, energy saving: these are all concepts that we take for granted, and that need to be guaranteed by innovation today, because we cannot wait for tomorrow. 

On the subject of innovation, our Motorway Service Area and Click & Collect areas are designed for ever more fluid purchasing behaviours and no barriers between the physical and the digital. These areas remind us that tomorrow's generations will take so many conveniences for granted too… like home deliveries, the universal availability of snacks, and power sockets everywhere.

All rigorously accompanied by seductive design and style. Because while design is not everything, it will continue to count in future too.

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