Fruit and veg, cheese, florist, fashion & beauty, check-out

The last day of the fair is here already.

Today's gallery is dedicated to our more classic market areas like fruit and veg and cheese, the first equipped in synergy by Arneg and Oscartielle, the second exclusively by Arneg.

The essential lines of the furnishings are the perfect complement to the freshness and genuineness of healthy eating … and better living. The quality of life is also improved by the chance to buy flowers as you do your shopping. The florist area is more than just a pleasant and fragrant space. Florist sections are increasingly common in today's hypermarkets and are much appreciated by customers worldwide.

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But the Arneg Group does not stop at flowers. Thanks to Intrac we also fit out fashion shops, perfumeries, pharmacies and speciality corners in supermarkets and food shops.

Attractive style, tough materials and modular solutions turn every customer's desires into reality: this is the Intrac approach. Shelving, plus checkout counters and warehouse logistics.

This is the real strength of the Arneg Group. Being able to furnish complete stores, supplying not just the commercial refrigeration but the shelving, the refrigeration unit, doors, panels and cold rooms, energy saving technologies, checkout counters, lockers, energy consulting… and everything else associated with the world of retail that keeps it up to date and, quite often, ahead of the times.

All this happens only thanks to men and women from all corners of the world, who turn Arneg World into that marvellous Melting Pot of cultures, ideas, flavours, stories and visions that make Arneg a unique and self-renewing company.

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